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Volumetric Technology

Volumetric technology

Contexa revolutionizes the production processes of perfumery and aromatic compositions by weighing without a scale, with an accuracy of a few milligrams for volumes from a few grams to several hundred kilos.


With a scale, to accurately weigh large numbers of liquid raw materials to compose a formula, the weighing must be done individually and consecutively for each material to determine the exact weight of each liquid and then combine them in a final container.

With the CONTEXA solutions, all raw materials can be accurately dosed simultaneously and directly in the final container.

Result: the CONTEXA dosing equipments are significantly faster than traditional ones!


Our solutions use syringes, in which a liquid is introduced by aspiration and then from which it dispenses the required quantity. The weight is defined thanks to a calibration done once to set the system for all future uses of the specific material.

As far as the characteristics of the liquid are known and it is certain that the syringe does not contain air, we know the weight – volume equivalence with precision.

This is volumetric weighing.

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