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The simplest and fastest solution for dosing large volumes

The TEX valves is the must have for large volumes. This equipment uses gravimetric technology and is easy to integrate in your production.  The valves are integrated in a cluster of 60 positions with a diameter of 600 mm only, this enable it to be used with any kind of dosing container and rationalize your equipment's footprint.

This cluster is an element of the CONTEXA all-in-one solution, the combination of TEX valves with COLIBRI, answering your needs of a versatile solution and doses from 40 mg up to kg in the final container.

Main benefits


  • Reduced footprint for a space optimization
  • 60 raw materials in less than 1 m²


  • Easy to integrate in the production flow


  • Adjustable flow for fast and accurate dosages up to the target

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