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The innovative solution from laboratory to production

The COLIBRI is a proprietary volumetric dosing system for liquids.
Each ingredient of a formula is dosed through an INDEPENDENT robot, in the shape of a syringe.
The different syringes can dose SIMULTANEOUSLY, each pouring the defined amount of ingredient for each formula.
All pours are dosed with highest precision from a drop to multiple kilograms in the final single container. 

“Because the production and laboratory needs are different for each customer and because they evolve over time, we have designed a modular robot, adaptable to each specific requirement.”

  • High productivity
    • 3 minutes per formula in production

    • 45 seconds per formula in laboratory

  • Reduced (small) footprint for a space optimization and a leaner production flow
  • Modularity
  • Easy integration of solvent and smaller pours in a unique solution
  • Sustainability benefits
  • Operational cost reduction thanks to high productivity

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