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To help them improve creativity and boost sales, Contexa has been partnering up with fragrances and flavors leaders to design the fastest and most compact dosing robots for creation laboratories.

COLIBRI for lab

Boost creativity. Be the first to submit. Improve your win-rate.

COLIBRI for lab is the fastest dosing robot for creation and sampling on the market.

COLIBRI is a state-of-the-art, award-winning volumetric dosing technology that makes it possible to compound all the liquid ingredients simultaneously.

With one formula per minute, COLIBRI for lab helps you submit your briefs more quickly and achieve the best speed-to-market.
formulas per hour

Batch size: up to 6 kg
COLIBRI pour laboratoire (200, 400, 600 MP ou plus)

DORY | Software for lab assistant stations

Full traceability of the manual dosages.

While COLIBRI for lab doses automatically most of the formula, the rest of the ingredients will be compounded manually by the lab assistants.

DORY is a user-friendly software that helps them produce accurately these remaining lines.

Linked to the same server as the robot, DORY limits manual errors, exports data for traceability and makes recombination with the robot part very easy.

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