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of liquid & powder dosing systems

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than other solutions

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Contexa is a leading provider of smart flavors and fragrances dosing solutions

We believe that you deserve more than just a robot in a catalogue.

Choosing Contexa, it is making the choice of collaborating with a team of experts that will help you design the best solution to meet your needs.

For more than 20 years, we have been working on removing one of the major constraints in dosing: the scale! As such, Contexa has developed COLIBRI, award-winning volumetric technology that offers unparalleled productivity thanks to ultra-fast accurate simultaneous dosing abilities.

Contexa's unique simultaneous dosing
Dosing speed: fastest
Conventional methods with multiple scales
Dosing speed: limited...

We partner with you on all the cross-functional aspects of your investment, so we cover every step of the journey from needs, targets, constraints, all the way to the right turn-key dosing solution.

From production to laboratory, Contexa has the robot matching your automation project:

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