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Colibri (laboratory)

COLIBRI for lab, the ultimate Creativity Booster for global manufacturers

Speed to market is the key to success. Transforming as fast as possible an idea into a product is essential to stay on top of the competition and gain new projects.

Say good-bye to both morning and afternoon production peaks, COLIBRI can dose a creation formula in one minute. Your Perfumers and Flavorists are going to love it.

COLIBRI was launched after 4 years of R&D. It has won several innovation prices that we are very proud of. COLIBRI is about ultra-fast simultaneous dosing. It brings flavors and fragrances dosing to a whole new level. This technology is what makes Contexa so unique. — Daniel Schüpbach, CEO

» Gravimetric vs. volumetric

Gravimetric dosing: dosage on a scale. This scale validates that the dosed amount is consistent with the target weight.

Volumetric dosing: knowing the density of the product, the target weight is converted into an equivalent volume to pour.

» Colibri?

A COLIBRI is a syringe, which movement of the piston has been automatised.

Before the first dosage, the robot will calibrate automatically each syringe with the raw material connected to it (density calibration). The weight to dose in gram is converted into a precise piston movement to pour the right amount: this is volumetric dosing.

And because all syringes are independent from each other, simultaneous dosing is possible.

Thanks to a Smart Sensor integrated in each syringe, temperature (/density) variation is systematically compensated and bubble presence is immediately detected to prevent dosing “air”.

» Mo-du-la-ri-ty

You can choose the exact number of ingredients you need to automate: a COLIBRI robot consists in modules that can handle up to 208 raw materials. With 2 modules, you’ll automate 416 raw materials and reach more than 70% automation in average.

Each module doses onto the conveyor belt where beakers travel automatically from one module to next.

We have also designed this robot so that it will need limited floor space: from only 8 m² per module including raw material storage.

» A formula every 1 minute and production peak absorption

0 +
formulas in 8 hours
mg dosage
kg formula

COLIBRI is a pure volumetric dosing system. Because all the ingredients are dosed simultaneously, the number of lines doesn’t affect the dosing time. 10 lines will be dosed as fast as 50.

(Very) good news, thanks to its instantaneous dosing capacity, COLIBRI will help you absorb both morning and afternoon peaks that usually generate massive bottle necks in laboratories.

Dosages start from 20 mg to compose formulas from few grams up to 5 kg.

Depending on your formulas, COLIBRI will help your produce from 300 to 400 formulas in 8 hours. This is the fastest dosing robot on the market with no compromises on accuracy.

» Save time, no refilling – Simple stock management

The raw materials stay in YOUR containers (aluminium or glass bottles, plastic jerrycans etc.).

There are no special canisters to refill on the COLIBRI. Whenever needed, you just need to change your bottle for another. You will avoid spillages and save a lot of time.

Several designs of storage are available including a closed cupboard to connect a vapour extraction.

» By the way… no need for Nitrogen!

Unless you wish to preserve some fragile raw materials, typically from crystallisation and/or oxidisation (available as an option), COLIBRI doesn’t require any Nitrogen consumption to “push” the raw materials.

Why? This robot uses syringes to move the ingredient from the storage to the beaker. These “pumping movements” don’t require any help.

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