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About Us

We started with a simple idea – weigh without the scale!

Vanilla, orange, lemon, lavender, rose, etc. Several tens of plants or synthetic molecules are part of the composition of a perfume or flavor. The quantities of each ingredient must be scrupulously respected according to the recipe, with dosages ranging from a few tens of milligrams (mg) to several kilograms (kg).

Precision is one of the musts of the industry. For the same formulation, several types of balance are necessary in order to weigh very variable weights. It is impossible to dose 10 kilos on a scale to the mg in the same way that it is impossible to dose 20 mg on a scale with a range of 600 kg.

Traditionally, when a ton of perfume is produced, several submixtures have to be made. The multiplication of submixtures generates different manufacturing steps, tank cleaning operations and large storage capacities.




A simple idea:

“weight precisely without the scale!”


Daniel Schupbach, founder and CEO, started Contexa with a simple idea:


It is like this, that he started to develop a proprietary volumetric system, able to dose precisely and independently each ingredient of the formula.

At Contexa we offer tailor-made solutions: we customize our robot to match your specific needs.

Our pre-sales and engineering team will support you starting with a thorough analysis of your process to find the best solution to match your needs and budget.

Like this, we help you improve further more elements, throughout your production process.

At Contexa we pride ourselves to help our clients with the best solutions for their needs: we simply start with listening to your specific needs, we analyse them, and propose to you a tailor-made solution, which we design and engineer and develop specifically for you.

Just drop us an email or call us: we will be happy to assist you!

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We help you achieve your growth and profitability targets.


We know the Flavors&Fragrance industry challenges, and we guarantee you’ll get a superb result.


We have over 18 years experience providing volumetric dosing equipment worldwide.


With our expert staff we analyze and design a custom solution to meet your needs.

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