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Cobra (laboratory)

COBRA, the preferred choice of small and medium-sized companies

Ideal for flavors and fragrances creation and sampling as well as for production of bases up to 5 kg.

Praised for its easy raw material stock management, compactness, accuracy and productivity, this robot can be shipped worldwide with short delivery time.

COBRA has been Contexa’s flagship for many years. We have designed this robot so that it can be installed where available space is very limited, yet with no compromises on both accuracy and productivity. — Daniel Schüpbach, CEO

» Save time, no refilling – Simple stock management

It’s simple, the raw materials stay in YOUR containers (aluminium or glass bottles, plastic jerrycans etc.).

There are no special canisters to refill on the COBRA. Whenever needed, you just need to change your bottle for another, it takes only few seconds.

You will avoid spillages and save a lot of time.

Several designs of storage are available including a closed cupboard to connect a vapour extraction (odour control).

» Space always matters – Enjoy Modularity & Compactness

A COBRA consists in modules of 200 raw materials.

Even where space is limited, COBRA will fit in: from 5 m² per module including raw material storage.

Each module doses onto a conveyor belt where beakers travel automatically from one module to another.

Start with 200 RM, and upgrade later: COBRA is evolutive, additional modules can be easily installed a posteriori.

Each additional 200 RM unit will increase your automation rate (more raw materials hence more automated pours) as well as the productivity (for jobs are done in parallel on multiple dosing heads).

» Produce more and faster

formulas in 8 hours
mg dosage
kg formula

COBRA is a volumetric dosing system with a milligram scale to validate the accuracy of the dosed weights.

Dosages start from 20 mg to compose formulas from few grams up to 5 kg.

Thanks to its steady productivity, COBRA avoids using night shift.

Example of 8-hour throughputs depending on the number of modules:

With 1 module (200 RM)

– 90 formulas of 100 g (with 40 RM, 2.5 g/line)
– 16 formulas of 2 kg (with 20 RM, 100 g/line)

With 2 modules (400 RM)

– 180 formulas of 100 g (with 40 RM, 2.5 g/line)
– 32 formulas of 2 kg (with 20 RM, 100 g/line)

» By the way… no need for Nitrogen!

Unless you wish to preserve some fragile raw materials, typically from crystallisation and/or oxidisation (available as an option), COBRA doesn’t require any Nitrogen consumption to “push” the raw materials.

Why? This robot uses syringes to move the ingredient from the storage to the beaker. These “pumping movements” don’t require any help.

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