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Dosing in one single container without scale



Contexa SA has a large experience in volumetric and gravimetric dosing of liquids and powders.
The COLIBRI is a volumetric dosing system for liquids with any physical properties. All pours are done in one single container.
"Because the production needs are different for each customer and that they evolve over time, we have designed a modular robot, adaptable to each requirement."

Main characteristics

  • Free definition of the number of automated raw materials
  • Suited for the dosing of fluid, heated, cooled-off and viscous chemicals
  • Chemicals can be dosed one after the other, simultaneously or continuously
  • Dosing from a few mg to 8 kg (17.6 lb) per raw material
  • Different sizes of syringes available to optimize your productivity
  • Possibility to replace syringes without stopping your production
  • Self-calibration of each raw material *ATEX version available

Volumetric Dosing working principle

  • The COLIBRI is equipped with a series of dosing syringes, individually actuated and driven.
  • The syringes are built in an adapted frame
  • Each syringe is connected to a specific raw material
  • The weight to be dosed is automatically converted into a volume, i.e. in a mechanical movement of the COLIBRI's piston
  • The system is entirely mechanical
  • When the piston goes down, the raw material is pumped
  • A sensor replaces the weighing scale
  • When the piston goes up, the products to be dosed are sent to the dosing head

The Contexa production plant
One single storage, one single dosing container


Technical specifications

Base: 1 l = 1 kg COLIBRI PROD production COLIBRI LABO creation, sampling
Diameter of syringes100 mm (3.94 in)20 mm (0.79 in)*
External dimensions per COLIBRI case191 x 133 x 1'235 mm
(7.52 x 5.24 x 48.62 in)
46 x 56 x 829 mm
(1.81 x 2.20 x 32.64 in)
Min/max pour (2 full movements)10 g / 8 kg
(0.02 lb / 17.64 lb)
20 mg / 190 g
(0.044 lb / 0.418 lb)
Relative accuracy of dosed weight0.5% of weight0.5% of weight
Absolute accuracy0.5 g11 mg
Cycle time of piston1 min45 sec
Performance (flow)4 kg / min (8.82 lb / min)94 g / min (0.21 lb / min)

* other diameters available: 10 and 16 mm

COLIBRI, the most versatile liquids dosing system
for creation, sampling and production